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DIY Paintless Dent Repair


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So, you know how getting your car fixed can burn a hole in your pocket? Well, we decided to dive into the world of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and give you a sneak peek into the process. We recorded the whole thing and can't wait to share it on our social media!

Quick heads-up: While we're no strangers to auto body stuff, PDR was new to us. No formal training, just a bunch of YouTube tutorials under our belts.

When we cracked open the box, the sight of all those tools, glues, and tabs got us pumped. We had the perfect dent to test on. The plan? Stick the right-sized tab on the dent, use a special puller, and voila! But, reality check—the first tab we glued on didn't stick. It literally took a nosedive off the car, despite our degreasing efforts.   Round two with a degreased tab worked better. The process repeated, and after 5-6 pulls, the dent was noticeably smaller, if not completely gone.

The Good: The kit has almost everything you need for minor dent fixes at home. You'll need to grab some alcohol to remove the glue, but they throw in a spray bottle. There's a variety of tab shapes, tools for tapping down high spots, a little hammer, and paint-friendly attachments.

The Bad: Brace yourself; it's not a walk in the park. The process is fiddly and demands serious patience. Consider adding a polisher or at least polish compound, plus some extra microfiber towels for glue cleanup. Metal rods or clubs for poking dents from the panel's backside could speed things up. Also, binge-watch YouTube tutorials before diving in.

In a nutshell, it's a solid buy. Even if you don't completely banish the dent, you can get it 80% better without splurging at a body shop. So, keep one handy at home!

Stay tuned to watch us put it to use!

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