History of AutoBuddy and Development


AutoBuddy was created to help drivers who have been involved in a car accident and are looking to get repair estimates for their vehicle. We developed the platform to ultimately provide drivers convenience when shopping around for auto body shops, by saving the time and saving them money.

We understand it’s an already frustrating experience when you’ve been involved in a car accident or even when you find a small dent or scratch on your car. If you’ve never been through the repair process for your car, you’ll find out it can be an overwhelming experience in addition to your underlying frustrations of driving a damaged car.

While you can find many businesses online these days, we figured the collision repair industry needed to take a step in that direction as well. Rather than taking time out of your day to call a few shops and schedule an appointment for you to drive your vehicle in and have a shop give you an estimate, AutoBuddy streamlines this process for you online. Simply send in your photos of your damaged vehicle and carry on about your day. Shops will send you their quotes to your repair request and let you know the soonest availability they can take you in. At your convenience you can shop and compare between the shops who have responded to you.

We conducted an experiment around town to see how differently shops were charging drivers for the same damage on the car. Take a look at these quotes we collected from different body shops. We drove around the same car with the same damages and got estimates that ranged from as low as $650 to as high as $2200. Additionally we learned that this was an extremely time consuming task. This is when we got together with our web developer and designer to create the best online collision repair marketplace out there.

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