Frequently Asked Questions


How many repair estimates can I look forward to?

You can expect to receive anywhere from 3-5 quotes per repair request.

How accurate are the quotes I'll receive?

All quotes you receive are preliminary estimates provided by body shops based off the photos you provide. Quotes can vary slightly in price upon further inspection of your vehicle.

What information do I need to get started?

Follow our photo guide to help you take the best possible photos in order to get a more accurate estimate. Your basic contact information (name, address, email), vehicle identification number (vin) and 5 photos of the damage on your vehicle.

Do I need to leave my home?

No. You can shop and compare between repair facilities online through your AutoBuddy account. Once you’ve decided on a shop and are ready to make an appointment, remember to enquire about the pick up / drop off services that many shops provide.

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