Winter Time Driving


Winter is just around the corner and AutoBuddy wants to help prepare you for any driving conditions you may encounter this season. As you already know the roads during this time of year can get extremely dangerous, so AutoBuddy is here to remind you to check these 2 main areas of your vehicle so you can drive safely this year.


If you have a separate set of winter tires for your car you might as well put them on sooner than later. Since you probably won’t need them 8 out of the 12 months of the year, you might as well put them to good use and throw them on just as the winter season approaches. The last thing you want is to be caught in a snow storm and your winter tires are sitting at home collecting dust. You might not think that your tires will make a big difference but these tires were specifically designed to stay soft in cold temperatures for the ultimate grip on snow.

If you have all season tires on your car it’s important to note that they are ideal for only warm, dry and mild wet conditions. While the name is a bit misleading, these all season tires are better used in the summer, spring and fall seasons and perform best in temperatures above 7°C.

For milder winter conditions with heavy rain, snowfall that melts quickly, and slush, then all-weather tires are the way to go. The aggressive tread and design provide excellent grip on wet roads, dry roads, slush, and snow.


It’s extremely handy to keep a scraper/brush in your car because you never know when you might need it. A scraper is very useful when ice has formed over your windows. It’s imperative you clear everything on your windows that may block your 360 degree vision while driving. Note that the scraper is only meant for your windows and can ruin your paint if you try to use it anywhere else on your car.

The brush end is meant to brush off the snow that has settled on top of your car. If you don’t remove the snow on the roof of your car it may fall off while driving and can get in the path of other drivers.

Make sure to keep your windshield washer fluid levels filled up with antifreeze. While it won’t get rid of extremely hardened ice on your windshield, it can definitely eliminate a majority of it.

Lastly, it is very common for your windows to fog up during this season. Making sure you know how to use the defogger options in your car is crucial. If all else fails, then leaving a small towel or cloth in your car to wipe the windows can work as well.

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