Storing Your Car For Winter


Staying home a lot more these days? Want to save money on insurance because you’ve been working from home? Whatever your reasons, storing your car over a few cold months can be a great idea. Whether you have an old beater or a new sports car, getting your car ready for a cold Canadian winter is very important.  

Here are 5 simple suggestions for getting your car ready for storage:

  1. Wash and Clean - Do a thorough outside wash of your car. Use a clay towel to remove any excess dirt you may not see. Tree sap and bird droppings can be detrimental to your clear coat, eating away at it over time. Finishing off with a fresh coat of wax is never a bad idea. Clear any garbage or leftover food inside of your car to avoid attracting a family of rats living in your car come spring. If you’re not the DIY type, support your local detailing shops.
  2. Inflate Your Tires - Avoid flat spots on your tires by inflating them to your maximum psi levels. It’s important to avoid your tire sitting on a rim over time so make sure to fix any punctures or issues.
  3. Battery Check - Take your battery out and keep it in a safe place. Avoid storing in cold temperatures. If taking out your battery is not an option, using a battery tender is also effective. We all know the pains of a dead battery.
  4. Fuel Stabilizer - Aside from getting your oil changed and filling up your antifreeze, you should also top off your cars gas tank. Most importantly, adding a fuel stabilizer right after your fill up will keep your fuel from separating, prevent moisture buildup and protect the fuel lines and engine from corrosion.  
  5. Save On Insurance - Most car insurance companies now provide a discount for storage insurance. Check the rates with your insurance and save some money while you’re not driving the car during the cold months.

Drive Safe and Happy Holidays!

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